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Product Warranty

Products sold by Fly High RC are covered by their respective manufacturers’ warranty and guarantees. Fly High RC makes no additional or independent warranty. Fly High RC are not responsible for any damages caused by these products, either directly or indirectly. By purchasing from store the buyer is waiving their right for any claims against the Company for any form of product li, defect or damage and we does not warrant the performance, compatibility, integrity, merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose of any product, but merely passes through to the Customer whatever end-user warranty the provide with their respective products. Fly High RC are only liable to the extent of the refund as stipulated and covered under conditions of sale.

However, warranty terms do not cover parts or components damaged by neglect or misuse, incorrect assembly, improper/irregular maintenance or collision/accidents or accessories such as mentioned below in the list of item that falls outside warranty. However, we require the faulty part or item to be returned to us so we can examine, and send it to our manufacture company for any further inspections and warranty claims if applicable. 

Kindly note that Freight, Handling & Insurance costs remain the responsibility of the buyer in case of a warranty claim and in most cases also includes return postage costs we incur on sending the replacement component back to the buyer.​


  • Normal wear of parts and components and visual appearance items, such as paint or stickers. Normal customer maintenance items, including but not limited to (i.e. blades, blade adapters, bulbs, filters, lubricants, springs, cables, wear protection, seals, cables, belts, bearings, filters, guide bars, tyres, saw chain, wheels, spark plugs, starter ropes, tines, drive chains, remote controls, pull start(if any), batteries and sprockets. etc). Unless due to original manufacturing fault.

  • Natural discoloration of material due to ultraviolet light.

  • Accident, abuse, misuse, negligence and neglect, including, dirt, abrasives, moisture, rust, corrosion, or any adverse reaction due to incorrect storage habits or contact with corrosive substances such as fertilizer, grass and plant residue including palm tree sap, bore water and other detrimental environmental exposure.

  • Alterations or modifications that affect the unit’s performance, use of non-genuine spare parts, operation, safety, durability, change its intended use or cause failure of compliance with current regulatory standards.

  • Additional damage to parts or components due to continued use occurring after any of the above.

  • Using stale or incorrect fuel mixture in the product.

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